Verisoul Docs


The SDK handles the Uniqueness UI web view wrapper and callback. Verisoul's Uniqueness SDK works on IOS, Android and WebGL builds.


The Unity Custom Package via Unity's Asset Store (link coming soon). Please reach out for the latest download of the package.
  • Import the SDK to your Unity Project (Assets -> Import Package -> Import Custom Package)
  • Add the VerisoulSDK_Uniqueness prefab to your scene
  • Set the Project ID and Environment in the inspector


The user's game state should be updated to show the Uniqueness UI and prevent them from accessing the game until the session is completed.
When you want to serve the user a Uniqueness Session, start the Uniqueness SDK using the steps below:
  1. 1.
    Retrieve a sessionId from the Verisoul API. Pass the sessionId to the Unity Client
  2. 2.
    Start Verisoul's Uniqueness UI in your Unity project by calling Verisoul.StartSession. The function can be called at anytime during the app lifecycle.
  3. 3.
    Pass the Account Id from the onComplete function to the backend. Call the Account API endpoint to get the verification results.
Function (Required)
Callback to handle a completed session
String (Required)
Verisoul session ID
Language (Required)
Import Public Enum Languages from the package
Example usage of the Unity SDK
public void HighRiskUserDetected(session, language)
Verisoul.StartSession((accountId) =>
// Handle Verification complete callback
// Pass accountId to server/backend
// Use Verisoul API to lookup account Id status
// Decision account based on response
session, language);