Verisoul Docs

Pilot Period

Receive summary and insight reporting from ZeroFake by doing a quick frontend-only integration. The pilot period typically lasts for 15 days after which Verisoul can provide you with a holistic understanding of your ecosystem.
To integrate the detection SDK you will need a Verisoul Project ID. Schedule a call here to get started.

Get Started

  1. 1.
    Add ZeroFake
Remember to set the project_id and env (sandbox or prod)
<script src="https://js.{env}" verisoul-project-id="{project_id}"></script>
  1. 2.
    Call onAuth()
After the user is authenticated in your app or when the an account identifier is available call the onAuth() function. By passing your customer identifier ZeroFake will be able to join risk results across sessions and provide risk decisions with respect to your accounts.
Note that onAuth() is idempotent so it can be called once at the beginning of each session or many times (i.e. on each page load) and it will work either way.
<script src="" verisoul-project-id="my_project_id"></script>
<button id="login-button" onclick="login()">Login</button>
function login() {
// log in user
// ...
let authenticatedUserIdentifier = "yourInternalUserId";
// share account_id to Verisoul
You can use async or defer script tags, or put the tag in the body to decrease page load times. If you do use these methods make sure the Verisoul object is initialized before calling onAuth
  1. 3.
    Visualize pilot data in Verisoul Dashboard
Your team can view real-time data and scores for your user base during the pilot in Verisoul's dashboard.
  1. 4.
    Receive Report / Audit
Verisoul will summarize results in a document report & audit at the end of the pilot. We will use the report to tune the decisioning to your ecosystem for production. See a sample report here.