Verisoul Docs


Pilot Period

It is recommended but not required to complete a pilot integration first. You'll receive summary and insight reporting on fake user detection by doing a quick frontend-only integration. The pilot period typically lasts for 15 days after which Verisoul can provide you with a holistic understanding of your ecosystem.


If you'd prefer to get started immediately by getting fake user detection in real time you can integrate with our backend API. When a user interacts with your ecosystem, your app and Verisoul work together to assess the risk of the account. The process involves both frontend and server-side code changes.
ZeroFake Production Integration Overview

API Keys

The production integration requires two different identifiers - api_key : secret used for backend integration only, and a project_id : public key used on the client. The keys are a pair and must be used together.

Frontend SDK

Verisoul currently supports Javascript and Unity. Please reach out if this is not compatible with your use case.

Backend Integration

The integration requires making secure calls to Verisoul's API. See the pages below for explanation of the server-side integration and examples: