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Desktop & Mobile Apps


If you plan to build for Windows Standalone, note that the ZeroFake Package requires use of a webview. We recommend 3D Webview as it is easy to integrate and works for both MacOS and Windows builds.
ZeroFake does support other webview systems such as UniWebView for mobile or an option to listen for a redirect navigation as well. See the installation instructions for more details on each option.

Pilot Usage

After the user is authenticated in your system call the OnAuth function to and pass a join key with an account identifier.
#region auth
private void WhenUserIsAuthenticated(accountId)

Production Usage

In order to ensure adequate security, for production you'll need to pass the accountId via backend API call to Verisoul's API. You can use GetTrackingId to get the current client trackingId and join it with the accountId via API Call.
private void GetRiskPrediction()
string trackingId = VerisoulManager.Instance.GetTrackingID();
// send to backend to make POST /zerofake/predict call for prediction
string authId = "some-account_identifier";
await GetPredictionAPICall(trackingId, authId);
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